Internet Browser Troubleshooting

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Verify that your machine is operating within the Minimum System Requirements and that your internet browser is updated to the newest available version before attempting to troubleshoot any problems.

Check the topics below to find solutions to common internet browser problems:

  • I keep getting a message that states "the system was unable to find the content that you requested." What does this mean?

This message means that the archive servers or local media vault storage have not received an archive video clip from the system. Some files on the video network are available only from certain locations, like your public library or City Hall. If you receive this message for more than a few hours, please contact your IT department or webmaster and inform them of this problem. Make note of which file you're trying to view and the exact wording of the error message. 


  • My browser appears to be blocking a pop-up window. How do I prevent this? 

Pop-up blockers may interfere with the opening of the Video Player. Find the name of your browser below, and follow the instructions to enable the Video Player to launch: 



  • PDF and Word documents relate to a meeting ask me to save the document to my Mac's hard drive. Can't I view them without saving? 

You can view PDF and Word documents in your browser window without saving them to your hard drive. If you use Apple's Safari browser on OS X version 10.4.2 or later, upgrade to the newest version of safari. This version will display PDF files within the browser window, even if you have not installed the free Adobe Reader software. 

You can also download the free Adobe Reader software to enable the display of PDF files in your browser window. After you install Adobe Reader, verify that its preferences are set to display PDFs in your browser.


  • The Closed Captioning doesn't display when I select it. Why not?

If closed captioning is available but you cannot see it, please contact the webmaster. Note that the closed captioning feature is currently not supported on the Apple Mac OS X platform unless Microsoft Silverlight is enabled on the jurisdiction's site and you download it to your machine.


  • When I view a video, I see a panel displaying a 404 Error - Page Not Found message. What does this mean? 

The video you are viewing may have been set to display a related document. This link may be failing for a variety of reasons; please contact your webmaster or IT department for assistance.



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